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How to Tell if Your Cooler Needs to Be Serviced

Warning Signs You Need Cooler Repair

Are you a small business owner that uses a walk-in cooler or freezer for your business? Having a walk-in cooler that is not running correctly or inefficiently can cost you a fortune. But do you know the warning signs that your cooler needs repair? You know when someone has to come and check out your HVAC system if it is making strange sounds and not cooling or heating properly. You also know when to call a plumber if your toilets are clogged and won’t flush. But when it comes to walk-in coolers and freezers, the signs that they’re not working right may not be so obvious. Below are warning signs that you need cooler repair.

  • There are wear and damage to the door – You’re paying a steep price if there is wear or damage to your cooler’s door. Why is this so? Cool air leaks out from the worn and damaged door, so you have to pay more for the temperature to stay at a consistent temperature. In addition to this, you’re also risking the perishable contents inside will spoil. So don’t forget to check the seal of your door every day. The seal should look undamaged and you shouldn’t feel cool air leaking out.
  • There is frost build-up – You may need to retrain your staff on how to properly prepare food for storage if the food inside your cooler has freezer burn. However, you may have a bigger issue if you have frost build-up on your cooler walls or door. Frost builds up when warmer air comes into contact with cooler air. If you see frost build-up in areas where it shouldn’t be, you have to call a repairman.
  • There is leaking water – Frost’s build-ups are not the only sign that something is wrong. If there is water leaking from the ceiling or if you see condensation on your walls, there is something wrong with your cooler. This could also be an HVAC or plumbing issue, so call professionals to diagnose the problem.

These are warning signs your cooler needs to be serviced. Call 1 Dr Clean Ice Machines & Refrig LLC at (832) 856-4264 to inquire about our cooler repair services. We serve clients in Katy, TX.